About The Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association

Jackson circa 1962, photographed by Carl Van Vechten

The Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association (UTNA) is an organization devoted to the preservation of the quality of life and property values within the boundaries of the uptown triangle.  The Uptown Triangle's boundaries are Broadway Avenue, St Charles Avenue and the Mississippi River (Leake Avenue).

The Triangle neighborhood is as diverse in its housing stock as it is in its population. Home to a number of churches, Loyola University Law School and two New Orleans public schools, there are numerous ethnicities and religions represented spanning all age groups.

Formerly known as the Black Pearl in several city maps, the Triangle, according to legend, is said to be the location of the famed "House of the Rising Sun."  The Triangle is also the birthplace of New Orleans' own Mahalia Jackson, who used to sing at Mount Moriah Baptist Church on Millaudon St. and whose gospel singing introduced Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington D.C.

The UTNA is a non-profit organization, and membership is open to all who share the vision of the Organization and wish to join.  There are approximately 1100 households and business within the boundaries.  There are 13 board members that meet quarterly, with one to two annual meetings each year held typically in October or in April.

There are two levels of membership:  General at $20/year or Police Patrol at $200/year, which provides private patrol four hours each three to four days per week.  The more Patrol members we have, the more hours of patrol we can provide.  Patrol members get to have access to the officer’s cell phone for escorts and emergencies.

UTNA sponsors and organizes each year the following events:  Block Party, Bi-annual Neighborhood cleanup which coincides with the national Beach Sweep campaign; Night Out Against Crime gathering, Halloween on Hillary.  In addition, we help organize and sponsor other events that we find benefit the neighborhood.  Some are initiated by board members and general members, and some are initiated by non-members.

Recent initiatives include the following:  Installation and maintenance of 30 dog waste bag dispensers, Fight the Blight at Carver Playground, Banneker Elementary Book Drive, and Pearls in the Pearl Yard Sale.  UTNA also tries to keep the entire neighborhood informed on events in the neighborhood through its mass email blast, website, and newsletter that is distributed to all households and business in the Triangle.

You can join by going to the Join UTNA! page.

How Big is the Uptown Triangle?

There are 53 city squares, or blocks, in the Uptown Triangle.  Excluding schools and playgrounds, there are 18 squares between Carrollton and Cherokee, and 24 squares between Cherokee and Broadway.

A streetcar makes its way through the Uptown Triangle in 1955.