Security Patrol

Join Our Security Patrol — Help Keep Our Neighborhood Safe

The UTNA Patrol improves our quality of life and keeps our neighborhood safe. Membership in our Police Patrol is voluntary. We employ Orleans Parish Sheriff’s officers to make 4-hour patrols within our neighborhood at varying times throughout the week. 

Patrols drive through the entire neighborhood — especially during late-night hours and around alcoholic beverage outlets. Our patrol officer can deal with late-night noise or loud parties and park where suspicious activity might occur. Daytime patrols address neighborhood quality of life issues such as parking, trash, abandoned cars, and truancy. Patrol members can contact the dispatch to arrange a home escort service. Calls about suspicious activity are welcomed. 

Monthly Patrol schedules are delivered to Patrol members every month. A Patrol membership sign is placed in the front yard of Patrol members. The number of Patrol members determines how many weekly patrols we schedule — the more members we have, the more patrols we can schedule. Membership in the Police Patrol is $200 a year, or $100 every 6 months.

Our Patrol helps keep the entire neighborhood safer, but only Patrol members get the Patrol schedule and the Patrol cell phone number.

For information on the Security Patrol, contact Patrick Tucker at