We have a lot of construction underway in our neighborhood. That’s actually an understatement. Technically, a portion of almost every street in the neighborhood (Broadway, Huso, and S. Carrollton are the only exceptions) is currently part of an active construction project!

Current Projects

Audubon Group A6/15/2020January 2022Nakeila PolkMeeting Presentation
Audubon Group B11/12/2021Spring 2023Lauren MuseMeeting Presentation
Black Pearl/East Carrollton Group A8/3/2020Spring 2022Matthew DayMeeting Presentation
Black Pearl Group B12/1/2020Winter 2021Matthew DayMeeting Presentation

Construction Updates

  • November Construction Update
    Audubon Group A This project was extended with added scope outside of our neighborhood, but the end is almost here! Currently all drainage work is complete. The entire project should be completed in January 2022, but our neighborhood’s streets could be completed before that date. Audubon Group B This project just began this week. Under the new New Orleans roadwork […]