November Construction Update

Audubon Group A

This project was extended with added scope outside of our neighborhood, but the end is almost here! Currently all drainage work is complete. The entire project should be completed in January 2022, but our neighborhood’s streets could be completed before that date.

Audubon Group B

This project just began this week. Under the new New Orleans roadwork rules, they will only work on 2-3 blocks in the project until those blocks reach 80-90% completion. We have asked for the staging plan for the project but have not yet received it. It appears that they will be beginning outside of our neighborhood since they haven’t yet moved construction vehicles in.

Black Pearl/East Carrollton Group A

They are restoring some roadways in the project, but they appear to be mainly on the other side of St. Charles. Sewer and waterline replacements are happening on the 200 and 300 blocks of Hillary. You may receive a notice of lead-line replacement which will require you to flush your water lines. This project is expected to complete in spring 2022.

Black Pearl Group B

They are currently installing sewer, water, and drain lines on the 100 to 500 blocks of Millaudon and the 7700 and 7900 blocks of Dominican. This utility work is expected to take a few months. Water main pressure testing will continue throughout this period on Dominican and Millaudon streets.

Magazine Street Phase II

This isn’t technically in our neighborhood, but it still affects most of us. They plan to start work on Magazine between Leake and Calhoun (Audubon Park/Zoo) in December 2021. It will begin after Entergy finishes relocating utility lines underground. This roadwork will include water, sewer, and drainage lines in addition to full roadway reconstruction. If you are interested in this project, there is a virtual roadwork recap meeting on Monday, November 22 at 6pm.

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