Pet Bags

As a neighborhood, we are lucky to have past board members and volunteers setup a system of pet waste bag dispensers. The result is a much cleaner neighborhood and happier neighbors. We use over 41,000 bags per year and it costs $1300 per year to keep the dispensers filled.

We’d like to thank everyone who supports the pet waste dispenser program. This program benefits the entire neighborhood and helps to keep our neighborhood cleaner. We are in constant need of donations for this worthwhile project. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Please donate to help keep your neighborhood clean.

To donate, you can pay online with credit card:

Or you can mail a check to us:

P.O. Box 850105
New Orleans, LA 70185

Pet Bag Boxes

Did you notice an empty box, have a question about our program, or want to help volunteer? Please contact

We’d like to thank JoAnne Casey for helping to start and administer this wonderful program for many years. It has proven to be a great resource for the entire neighborhood.