Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association

The Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association (UTNA) is an organization devoted to the preservation of the quality of life and property values within the boundaries of the Uptown Triangle.  Also known as "The Black Pearl" neighborhood, the Uptown Triangle's boundaries are Broadway Avenue, St Charles Avenue and the Mississippi River (Leake Avenue).

Donations for more pet waste dispenser bags needed! We’d like to thank everyone who supports the pet waste dispenser program.  This program benefits the entire neighborhood and helps to keep our neighborhood cleaner.  We use over 40,000 bags per year, and it costs $1200 per year to keep the dispensers filled.  At this time we are in need of donations to purchase more bags.  Please help. Please make checks payable to UTNA.  You can mail a donation of any amount to our PO Box or to the following address: JoAnne Casey Attn: Pet Waste Dispensers 7801 Pearl Street New Orleans, LA 70118

Please visit our Join UTNA page if you're interested in becoming a member of our Association.

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