2021 Property Tax

New Year’s Day can’t come soon enough after this year, but with it comes a harsher bill than usual for most homeowners. Property tax for New Orleans is sent out at the end of the year and due by the end of January. This is a particularly tough year for the Uptown Triangle because our properties were reassessed this year. Most of the state was actually reassessed last year, but Orleans wasn’t able to finish about a quarter of the properties in time.

So what does that mean for UTNA taxes? We’ve done some quick computations to let you know how we did.

Average assessment increase23.9%
Average tax increase24.5%
Average 2021 tax bill$5,532
Value of UTNA> $450 Million

While this is generally bad news, there are some positive things to be thankful for. The increase in your assessment means that your proerty is gaining value. That’s always better than it losing value. You might be eligible for a phased in tax increase if your assessment has jumped by more than 50%. Also, we have at least 4 more years before the next reassessment. Erroll Williams, the Orleans Parish Assessor, added at the UTNA annual meeting that he did not expect another jump in property values for a long time.

You can view your property tax assessment information at the Orleans Parish Assessor’s website. You can view and pay your taxes online at the City of New Orleans website (tax bill number can be found on assessors website) — these might not be posted for 2021 yet.

Want to pay less property tax? There are a couple things that you can ask our representatives to fight for: requiring non-profits to pay their fair share of property taxes and limiting assessment freezes to a percentage of the assessment.

Delayed tax bills

Tax bills are going out late this year — about the middle of January. Because of this, they are due on February 28, 2021.

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